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Woodtemple Interview

At last! Long awaited interview after the half-year pause, meet the Aramath and Woodtemple from Austria!



1.Hi Aramath! Hails to Woodtemple! Let’s start. For the first – you’ve founded the Woodtemple,

when you were 16. What was the main incitement or motive? Tell about the tastes and

inspirations at that time.


Yes that’s right, i founded Woodtemple at a age of 16 years.

Before that I played in a Death Metal Band named Gotland.

I was able to gather experience there, but after a few months I was fed up.

They didn’t want to evolve further and always did the same.

So I left the Band. I wanted to make my own thing where I could let out my feelings, and so I

decided to make Woodtemple a one-man-band.

My Influences back then were Burzum, Nastrond, Bathory and Graveland.

2.When new album will be finished and released and what caused so delay?

The Album is finished now and will be available end of September.

After the last Album Sorrow of the Wind I needed a break.

At January 2012 I started with the works on Forgotten Pride.

The Guitars have been recorded in Poland with Rob Darken, and the Keyboards at home. And

they took me half a year, cause I tinkered around much.

For the Vocals I wanted to try a new Studio. I wanted to work with two or three voices. But these

meant extreme extra costs. So I cancelled the appointment with the studio, and so a few months

came along until I found the fitting idea to arrange my plans.

I wanted to record the Vocals in my garden house. Rob grabbed some micros and all the stuff we

needed and built up a little studio in my garden house. Where I finally could record the Vocals,

and all that without stress and deadlines. My Label told me it would be released in December

2013. But then he meant he had some problems with press shop and he had to look after another-
and so it delayed till May 2014. And so I decided to look for a new label. Sacrilege Records was

the one that made the best offer. And so I signed to them.

The working on Forgotten Pride were hard and full of perfidy. But now it’s all done and the CD

will be released soon.

3.Tell about nowadays Woodtemple line-up. You and Darken are so famous person, but the

names of others are not so well-known for a wide audience.

Ok the Line up for Concerts is put together as follows:

Vocals & Guitar Myself

Drums Sebastian

Guitar Arathorn (Ancient Wrath)

Bass Rob Darken (S.M. from Trollskogen will take the Bass when Darken is on

Tour with Graveland)


The only fix members at Woodtemple are me and Sebastian for the Drums (since March 2014)

Sebastian is from Argentina, and a top drummer, he already had three Album and three Europe

tours with his old band Inferi. He really brings some drive with him. But you’ll hear at the next


Arathorn is a good friend of mine since many years (and a good musician too)

In the following days his second Album will be released, and also he will play with Woodtemple

in the future.

4.Return to the past. Next chapter of your creativity was the beginning of your cooperation with

Rob Darken, the person who doesn't need representation. How your cooperation began and how

you can describe the feelings from your cooperation of that time?

Oh damn, that’s a chapter where I could write books. But that would blast the frame.

The contact with Rob started in 1997, there I was 15 years young. One year later I started with

Woodtemple. In 1999 I recorded the first demo Swords of Hate. But because i wasn’t satisfied

with the sound i rerecorded it in 2001. I wasn’t happy with the new sound either and so Rob

told me to come to Poland and find the right Sound together with him. And so it all started, but I

really don’t wanna tell more here, we wouldn’t get to an end, sorry.

5. As far as Graveland affected your style? The first creations of Woodtemple very similar

to an album Creed Of Iron, not in negative way, surely, will be told. Excellent material.

My Main influence in former times surely were Bathory, Burzum and Graveland. But with time

you get your own style. And I think the last two Woodtemple Albums set themselves apart from

the typical Gravelandstyle.

Sorrow of the Wind for example has many influences in folk. Forgotten Pride is more

depressive. A important part at Woodtemple are the acoustic guitars. They get their place in all

the albums. Graveland and Woodtemple follow one concept.... But build it up in different ways.

Musically and with regards to content.

6, In general, how you compose a material? It is a set of riffs and texts or you feel any rhythms

and images inside and you try to transfer them to the real world, without having damaged them


Most of the times when I’m wandering through the woods, I have the best ideas. I have a topic

or a story in mind and try too converse it musically. When the music is done I start writing down

the text and elaborate it till it fits perfect do the music.

7. As far as I can judge on your photosets, you try to spend a lot of time in nature. Whether

truly to consider, what it is as well one of sources of your inspiration?

Yeah that’s right. I spend much time in nature. That‘s my balancing to the daily working stress.

Here in my surrounding there are many beautifull mountains and mountain pastures. There I can

forget all around me. Also our old traditions and rites inspire me. Like the “Perchtenlauf” there’s

no English word for that just google that thing and you’ll see. It’s an old tradition descended

from the heathens. You make yourself wooden masks and cloth yourself in animal hides. You try

to keep away the ghosts of nature (wind, winter, cold)

In Austria this tradition has become more and more to a trend. But out of the cities in the country

you see the true tradition behind it. I too have led one of those groups, but had to leave it this

year, so I could invest the time in music, cause I have more plans with Woodtemple.

8. Whether it happened to you to get into any wild and impassable places and to spend the

night there? May you tell about any mystical, unusual or even frightening experience

from similar cases?

I spent one or two nights outside at untouched places.

What do you understand under a mythic experience?

Honestly, if you go out at night into the woods, and settle there. You’ll hear sounds that you

wouldn’t be aware at daytime. So it’s something special but not frightening.

I believe that there are mythic places in nature. They radiate some special energy and draw

you to them, to their beauty. So it happens to me sometimes when I find inspiration.... I find a

beautiful place and there is the idea for a new song.

9 . Whether you agree, that in the nature there is the magic and sorcery, and that everything in

the nature has the soul and is part of a whole?

Yes I concede a point to so.

But everyone has his own imagination of it.

But I think I already answered this one with the question before.

10.I I know, that in Austria was also a some kind of circle, named Austrian Black

Metal Syndicate. Summoning was a part of it, along with Pervertum, Trifixion,

Pazuzu, Golden Dawn and Abigor. What can you tell about this and what do you

think about nowadays Summoning and their tolerant position about situation in whole

world and in Austria?

The circle was an important part oft he Austrian underground scene. A good friend of mine was

part of it and supported it. I was too young at that time to be an active member, but always got

information from him.

I’m sad that nowadays there is no such coherence. I remember gladly to the former times where

this was given. And metal wasn’t a trend, but something special.

To Summoning, they belong tot he most important bands in austria and also international. I

have great respect to them. And with Silenius I’m in good contact. And sometimes we meet, if

our time allows it. An important point too, is that they hold back and also in internet they don’t

relinquish much, and that in despite of their big name.

11.What do you think about this situation? What obstacles you meet on your way in the native

land? Whether there were different collisions with anti-fa? What you see possible steps for any

permission of a situation in a positive key?
I had my problems with the Antifa too. But now I haven’t heard from them for a longer time, but

i don’t give a meaning to that theater. If I want to play live, there are enough possibilities, also in


12. Except Woodtemple, what groups can you name else worthy from your country? And

from a Slavic scene?
There aren’t many bands in Austria that interest me. Summoning, Ancient Wrath, Trollskogen,

Abigor, old Astaroth and Thirdmoon are important bands for the Austrian underground.

There is no Slavic scene in Austria.

13. Your relation to a situation in Ukraine? Could you give any comments concerning each

of the sides? In my opinion, imperial efforts of Russia in this respect aren't proved and

lawful at all, do you agree with me?

I don’t want to say something to this topic

14.Your relation to similar situation as Hitler tried to unite Germany and Austria to one “German

World” and to it’s consequences.

Even what i say to this topic, it brings just to much trouble.

15.Some prognoses from your about world situation and do you think, that Ragnarok is already


Yes I think Ragnarok already is near, if this goes on like this.

16.Some words from you for the readers of the House Of The Whipcord Zine!

Wait for the next Album. I already began with it. It will be much faster, more technical and more

brutal than all the other ones. And with the drums from Sebastian will be much more pressure in


Thanks again for the interview and the interest in Woodtemple.

Wotan with us.